Membership Application


Thank you for your interest in joining the Gray SnoWolves. New members are always welcome.


Membership Dues are the following:

  • $25 Family Membership
  • $35 Business Membership
  • Additional insurance can be purchased for $2 for each additional person.



Please take moment and complete the following information:


Name: ________________________


Address: _______________________


Phone: _________________________


Email: _________________________


Date of Birth for Primary Member: __________


Beneficiary’s Name: ______________________

Names & Dates of Birth of Family Members (if you choose the purchase additional insurance)




Membership Dues:                                                      $________

Additional Insurance at $2 ea (optional):                      $________

Donation:                                                                    $________

Total Enclosed                                                            $________



Please Make Checks Payable to the Gray SnoWolves


Applications can be mailed to:

Gray SnoWolves Snowmobile Club

PO BOX 1091

Gray, ME 04039


Questions? Kim Shelley 428- 3244

Gray SnoWolves,
Oct 8, 2010, 11:43 AM