Trail Update 2-9-15

posted Feb 9, 2015, 5:27 PM by Gray SnoWolves
It goes without saying that we have plenty of snow, now we just need some time between storms to break out the trails!  All the banks at the road crossings, etc. need to be knocked down and shoveled out again before we can get across with the groomers and drags. It is a lot of work, so anyone out riding, please take a minute to help bust the banks down, and pack the trail out wide.  On the south side of town (pole line trails, Cole Farms trail, Dutton Hill trail) need to be packed out wide before the S10 can get out there to establish a base and pan with the drag.  This snow has very little moisture in it and is very tough to get through.  On the West side of town we use Super wide tracks and Skandics with Mogul Master drags and our biggest obstacle are banks at the road crossings.  Please stop by our next meeting or drop us an email if you want to jump in and help, we are always looking for new members!