Trail Closures

posted Dec 13, 2013, 10:45 AM by Gray SnoWolves
  There are a couple trail closures to be aware of on the trail system this year.  The Spring Meadows trail is no longer open connecting Rt.100 to Weymouth rd.  The trail from Gray Plaza to Cole Farms now ends at Cole Farms.  Also, the trail from Mayall rd, to Merrill rd is closed as Portland Sand and gravel has extended the pit and wiped out the trail.  We hope to reroute in the future.  If you ride this trail and are affected by the closure, then please contact us and lend a hand with the reroute efforts.  These trail closures now leave us with only one trail connection to New Gloucester, via the High school>Weymouth Rd>Turf farm trail.  Both changes are reflected on this year's map, and signs are being put up on the trails.